The sturgeon of the po and the Ferrarese Caviar, shows in Villa Giglioli

The Sturgeon of the po and the Ferrarese Caviar, an exhibition of our tradition

Sunday 8 June 2018 at 4.30 pm at the Villa Giglioli of Ficarolo (RO) opens the exhibition-studio? THE STORIONE DEL PO AND IL CAVIALE FERRARESE ?.

The exhibition is organized by Common and from Pro Loco of Ficarolo and is taken care of byBondeno Culture Association, from the Gruppo Archeologico di Bondeno and from Cwithin Ethnographic of the Municipality of Ferrara with the collaboration of Emilia-Romagna Archaeological Superintendence, the Department of Life Sciences and Biotechnology of the University of Ferrara is Slow Food.

The exhibition is composed of reproductions of images and documents who retrace the story of the? giant? of the Po under the historical, naturalistic and gastronomic aspects, with insights on the finds of the terramara of Pilastri which confirm the fishing and consumption of the sturgeon already in Bronze Age, le Roman testimonies, the appreciation reserved for sturgeons from the renaissance cuisine, until the Twentieth century.

The cobice sturgeon, endemic species of the Adriatic sea and the rivers that flow into it, was fished until the late sixties of last century. The last catches of great specimens occurred in the stretch of the river Po that went from Stellata and Ficarolo to Felonica and Sermide. From Felonica, some fishermen remember that one went to Ferrara to sell the sturgeon's eggs in the lady's shop Welcome Ascoli that Nuta, where the very delicious caviar, a specialty that has disappeared from the Ferrara restaurant and in particular it is necessary to remember the Tassi di Bondeno Restaurant, documented in the exhibition.

This specialty of the Ferrara-style caviar was appreciated a international level, in Russia in the years close to the October Revolution and in the great restaurants in New York.

Now the sturgeon, although it breeds, get back to being talked about, thanks to a gastronomic project of Slow Food for a research that allowed Cristina Maresi, dell?Le Occare farmhouse in Runco di Portomaggiore, to recover and repropose the historic recipe of Ferrarese caviar.

Source: Daniele Biancardi

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