Ficarolo, like the coast, comes the Lido del Po!

The first eco-sustainable Lido del Po with umbrellas, bars and water slides arrives in Ficarolo in 2019

The river Po it is a great resource for all the territories crossed in its long course. There are numerous initiatives taking place around the river, but the novelty coming to Ficarolo is the first of its kind in Europe.

After careful inspections, an agreement was reached with Elirpa'd Ecsep, a Norwegian company specialized in the construction of eco-sustainable bathing facilities. The project provides the opportunity to dive into pools built in the river. These spaces can also host competitions of synchronized swimming, water polo and platform diving competitions. The most carefree can instead enjoy themselves on classic water slides.

The construction of the plant will start shortly and will respect all environmental canons. Each structure will in fact be easily removable during the cold seasons and will be fed by water mills placed on the Po. The project also provides for the laying of new trees and the perfect integration of them with the plant structures.

The novelty will also please the fishermen of the Po, the establishment will in fact be useful already this month, abundant fishing period already since the first of April.

Ficarolo come la riviera, arriva il Lido del Po!

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