Bell tower of the Archpriest Church of S. Antonino Martire

The building of the tower, designed by the Ferrarese architect Gaetano Barbieri (author of the parish church) began in 1777. After a brief interruption of work necessary for the settlement of the structure, the works resumed, also financed by the people's offerings. Its high height (about 75 meters including the cross), makes it the third height of the entire Veneto, preceded only by the bell tower of San Marco in Venice and that of the Cathedral of Santa Sofia in Lendinara. Also due to the steep slope reaches the top of the classic, for the relationship between slope and height in Italy is second only to the Tower of Pisa, hence the famous toponym assigned to the town: "Pisa del Polesine".

The construction is entirely made of bricks and is decorated with cornices and columns of Doric-Tuscan order. Legend has it that it incorporates an older tower inside.

From the summit is impressive the view that you can enjoy, where the view is lost in the fields until you see even the towers of Ferrara in the distance.

Source: common site of Ficarolo

Il campanile della chiesa.
The bell tower of the church.


Technical details on the slope

The average inclinations of the barrel and the bell / cusp are respectively 2.8 ° and 2 °, and the azimuth of the inclination direction is 321 °, therefore about NNO. For comparison, the current slope of the Tower of Pisa (56 m high) is about 4 °. The out-lead of the bell tower of Ficarolo is about 2.4 m at the top of the reed and 3.1 m at the apex of the cusp.

Source: Wikipedia


La pendenza del campanile della chiesa è ben visibile da lontano.
The slope of the church's bell tower is clearly visible from afar.

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