Readings taken from Dicotomia d'amore by Riccarda Dalbuoni.

Friday, February 15th at 9 pm Villa Giglioli, will be read some passages of the volume that collects the articles published by the author on the newspaper Ferraraitalia.

The weekly column is a dialogue with readers and readers who tell each other by revealing a bit of their everyday life relationships between couples and human relationships.

An alternation of interpreters to give voice to various topics such as the difficulty climbing walls in the couple, the fragility of relationships, their impermanence and the easy solutions that are often used.

A journey of readings that crosses the book where men and women have shyness aside because, in the end, everyone expresses a need for looking for each other.

Besides the author, they will read the texts the President of Pro Loco Ficarolo Silvia Pellegrini and the volunteer of the Cecilia Margutti Association

The evening will open with i greetings from the mayor of Ficarolo Fabiano Pigaiani

Riccarda Dalbuoni he is a professional journalist, he works as a press officer in the Municipality of Occhiobello and hold one heading in the Ferraraitalia newspaper.

Dicotomia d'Amore
Dicotomy of Love