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Po river

The Po river has always been a great resource for the Ficarolese community. Over the centuries, the waters of the Great River have provided sustenance for agriculture, livestock or simply for the water supply. Numerous activities deriving from the presence of the Po, have provided work to entire generations of Ficarolesi. Of all the famous sturgeon fishing definitely stands out.

The stream, in the stretch that runs along the municipality, creeps into two narrow bends called "Curva dello Zuccherifico" and "Curva di Tontola". Between these two opposite turns that form the loop in which Ficarolo rises, the bridge that unites the Veneto to the Emilia Romagna flows. Along the bank of the river are moored the characteristic piers, floating structures used for personal and commercial use.

The fauna and flora intensely populate the Po in the Ficarolese stretch, particularly characteristic is the presence of a colony of seagulls. The fish ecosystem is constantly changing, but in recent times the population of torpedo fish stands out in the news. This particular species is becoming very known due to the large size of some specimens caught in the area. Many trees grow luxuriant along the river bank, mostly willow trees and poplars.

The breathtaking view offered by the Po, especially at sunset and during periods of flooding, makes the river a destination for many tourists. Many people run, pedal or simply walk along the bank road, attracted by the special breezes and the relaxing view. Furthermore, it is not rare to meet photographers intent on immortalizing the landscape.


Panorama del fiume po al tramonto.
Panorama of the po river at sunset.

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