AVIS Ficarolo organizes M'Illumino di Meno 2019, appointment on Friday 1st March!

M'Illumino di Meno is the initiative born from the microphones of Rai Radio 2 to sensitize people to respect for the environment. AVIS Ficarolo, as in the past, organizes the event for Ficarolo and we at Pro Loco participate with great pleasure.

The 2019 edition of M'Illumino di Meno focuses oncircular economy, the virtuous process that aims at the progressive elimination of waste. The final goal is reuse materials, reduce waste, remove "the end of life" of things.

The ficarolo event is organized by AVIS FIcarolo with the collaboration of Pro Loco Ficarolo, AIDO Ficarolo, Consumers League, Consumer Movement, APS Sandokan, Parish Ficarolo Animation e Municipality of Ficarolo.

Program of the event Friday 1st March:

  • 18.15 meeting in front of AVIS headquarters (ex fishmonger)
  • 18.30 departure for a short walk
  • 19.00 meeting in Villa Giglioli to discover the circular economy

The salvation of mankind on Earth passes from the circular economy: reuse materials, reduce waste, abolish the "end of life", maintain, recover, regenerate. Keep as much as possible in a circle.

M'Illumino di Meno 2019
M'Illumino di Meno 2019
M'Illumino di Meno 2019, Ficarolo c'è
M'Illumino di Meno 2019, Ficarolo is there!