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War Memorial

The Monument to the Fallen stands in the characteristic garden in front of the former elementary schools. Originally erected in 1925 in the park at the back of the school building, it was later moved to its current location in 1937.
The construction rests on two stone steps, which support a more slender element that, in turn, supports a further similar element. On the top there is a sculpture depicting a dying soldier supported by the Fatherland, the latter represented by a woman. On the sides of the monument are some tombstones that bear the names of fallen and missing, both military and civil, of the two world wars. Two additional tombstones include, respectively, Bruno Levi who died at Auschwitz in 1944 and three young men slaughtered by the Nazi-Fascist regime in September of the same year. A bas-relief depicting a blindfolded soldier with an open jacket is set in the intermediate element of the monument, on the side facing Piazza Marconi.

(Sources: Sandro Mantovanini and external documentation)


Collocazione del monumento, nei giardini antistanti alle ex scuole elementari.
Location of the monument, in the gardens in front of the former elementary schools.


Il monumento.
The monument.

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