Quercia Monumentale and Madonna di Bassantina

The monumental oak, located near the intersection of Via Roma and Via delle Regioni, belongs to the Quercus Robur species, ie the Farnia. This particular variety can reach extremely large dimensions and is one of the largest species of plains. Trees like this were often planted in antiquity to delimit land borders even from a great distance. Over time, these green giants became important points of reference for local populations. The Ficarolo specimen has an estimated age in about 200 years. The diameter of the stem exceeds 2 meters in width and the height of the tree is in the order of 30 meters.


La Quercia vista dal campo adiacente.
La Quercia seen from the adjacent field.


The so-called Madonna di Bassantina is a copy of the Madonna di San Luca; long placed on the tree as an "ex voto" for thanksgiving. The origins of this tradition are documented: at the end of '800, the carriage of a gentleman of the era risked crashing for the sudden rallying of the horses, jeopardizing the lives of the occupants. As a sign of gratitude for the escaped danger, the Lord had the sacred image placed on the oak, leaving as testamentary wills that whoever had become, over time, master of the adjoining land, committed himself to leave the Madonna in his place. In more recent times, the sacred figure was found broken at the foot of the tree. The statue was entrusted to the Maestro Renato Mazzali who rebuilt it and made some casts for safety. Resting on the tree, it disappeared after not a long time and was replaced with one of the Master's casts. After a short time, the latter also disappeared. On October 7, 2002, towards the evening, a new statue was placed on the oak, following a solemn ceremony.


La Madonna di Bassantina.
The Madonna of Bassantina.


The oak, from 2018, has been reconciled as "Monumental Tree protected by the Veneto Region"In the same year, the tree has suffered serious damage damage due to the succession of extreme weather events with gusts of very violent wind.These disasters, combined with the age of the plant, have caused the breaking of one of the two main branches.


Targa della Regione Veneto
Plaque of the Veneto Region

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