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Villa Giglioli and Parco Comunale

The building was built on the end of 1500, by the will of the Ferrara family of the Arienti. After having passed for a short time to the Schiatti family, the villa was sold in 1600 to the powerful Saracco dynasty, of noble origins of Pavia, who kept it until the nineteenth century, when it was sold to the Giglioli family, one of the most powerful families of Polesine, which in 1921 in turn donated it to the Municipality of Ficarolo, which, with radical and merciless adaptations, used it for several decades as a municipal seat.

The villa appears to us as powerful and austere, clearly inspired by the dictates of the Este's military architecture and clearly extraneous to the precepts of the elegant Venetian villa. The building served as an example for other more recent villas built over the centuries in neighboring countries, such as those of the eighteenth century of Calto and Stienta and others in nearby Bondeno and surroundings.


Villa Giglioli in tutta la sua bellezza.
Villa Giglioli in all its beauty.


The central body has exposed brick and white notched cornice, on the roof has two characteristic fireplaces, is flanked by two protruding towers with a pavilion roof and surmounted by pinnacles with vanes. It could almost remember the ancient castle destroyed, which legend has it meant to have been built on the same place, but not attested by any document, but it is certain that once the castle disappeared, the history of Ficarolo passed through this villa.

Note the elegant two-ramp external staircase, added in the nineteenth century and the marble tombstones posted on the facade, which bear witness to the stops and passages for this villa of distinguished guests, among which Queen Christina of Sweden certainly stands out. 1600.

Inside we immediately welcome the beautiful salon advise, with coffered ceiling, wooden beams and some stucco and columns. At the center of the floor we admire a large marble representation of the Ficarolese coat of arms. Other rooms and the main floor and the basement are home to appreciable rooms, stuccos and some grotesque paintings.

All around the building there is a large park of romantic and scenic imprint: the monumental old trees, arranged without an apparent order, are actually the result of a precise study, which follows the free production of nature and the succession of the seasons. The garden in the past was much larger, reaching as far as the Po and going beyond the ring road that surrounds it. It was equipped with a huge stable, destroyed in the 70s to make way for the modern school building. Where now there is the functional sports area of the field, with soccer field, basketball and volleyball and an ice rink, was the Forum Boarium, where cattle was traded.

Currently, Villa Giglioli and the Park host a busy schedule of events throughout the year.

Source: Municipality of Ficarolo site


Villa Giglioli vista dal parco.
Villa Giglioli seen from the park.

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